Official Launch of Campus Leaders for Sustainable Development Programme

Campus Leaders for Sustainable Development programme was officially launched by renowned environmental thinker, philosopher of science and policy advocate Dr.Vandana Siva on 23rd of December 2017. The programme aims at identifying and moulding young leaders from University and College campuses to lead the youth in various realms of sustainability. Above all, they can remain as the torch bearers for the conceptā€œEducation for Sustainable Developmentā€. RCE Thiruvananthapuram is partnering with various government organizations, private entities and civil society organisations in addition to individual mentors committed to the cause of sustainable development in order to implement and carry forward the innovative programme, Campus Leaders for Sustainable Development.
The programme will initiate activities like analyzing and studying sustainability issues, action programs channelizing youth power, representing the collective voice of youth to authorities and policy makers, working and field immersion with communities, open discussions and debates, capacity building programs, creating resource materials and social media platforms for ESD etc.

The mentors are chosen from various fields of expertise carefully to give a wholesome understanding of sustainability. They will mentor the campus leaders and equip them with the needed theoretical knowledge and practical experience to mould them into informed citizens and effective change makers. The list of mentors includes Padmashree G. Shankar, L. Radhakrishnan IAS, Dr. Achuthsankar, Dr. Biju Kumar, Dr. R. Harikumar, Adv. Harish Vasudevan, Dr. Ushakumari, Ms. Padma Mahanty IFS, Dr. Subash Chandra Bose, Prof. E. Kunhikrishnan and Dr. Meena T. Pillai.

The official launch started with welcome speech by Aravind A.R. and was followed by the concept note by Dr. A. Biju Kumar. T.P. Sreenivasan IFS (Retd) has delivered the presidential address. He talked about the time when the word sustainability was not added to the word development and when economic growth was more important. He added sustainable development has been practiced in India since a long time and about Kerala having various ways to attain sustainability goals. The program was officially launched by Dr. Vandana Shiva and bhoomisoothra was sung along. The speech delivered by Dr. Vandana Shiva lasted about 50 minutes and has touched several fields and aspects regarding sustainability, environment, climate change etc. She emphasized on farmer suicide cases, dying soil, water and biodiversity, human deeds resulting in drastic climate and environmental catastrophes etc. She added that our future is in the handful of soil.

Padmashree G. Shankar, L. Radhakrishnan IAS and Dr. Achuthsankar S. Nair who are among the mentors shared their viewpoints and ideas regarding sustainable development, nature and environment. Dr. C. Suresh Kumar delivered the vote of thanks. He highlighted the importance of youth movements and the immense power the youth has in bringing changes