Short and Long Term Objectives of the RCE

The vision of the RCE Thiruvananthapuram is to tackle the problems identified in the key challenges in the region and contribute to the promotion of Education for Sustainable Development at regional, national and global levels. RCE Thiruvananthapuram aims to create a benchmark for other regions in tackling sustainable development challenges and contribute to the goals set by the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

Short-term objectives

1) Create an interdisciplinary and multifaceted platform for promoting collaborative initiatives among the key regional stakeholders and others interested to realize a sustainable Trivandrum.

2) Formulate a comprehensive research database and network for the Government and Industry to help them integrate sustainability into their policies and practices.

3) Empower and educate the youth in the region to be a formidable force in pressing issues of sustainability and building youth volunteer initiatives.

4) Develop several capacity building initiatives and training sessions to educate people entrusted with various roles in society to practice sustainability in their vocations.

Long-term objectives

5) Raise public awareness and action about the key sustainability issues in the region (especially in the contect of threatened biodiversity, agriculture, and traditional knowledge) for a sustainable way of life in the region.

6) Bring about interregional and global collaboration with other RCEs, developing joint projects, research and mechanisms for sharing and disseminating knowledge, experiences, expertise and best practices in ESD.