Visit to Kalliyoor Panchayat

RCE Thiruvananthapuram youth team visited the Kalliyoor Panchayath on 12th November in order to introduce the capacity building activity to the new members of the team. The team visited ‘Nostalgia Farm’ which is an integrated farm where several indigenous and new technology are being put together for better productivity and sustainable production. The farm practices organic farming and thus aims to reduce food related diseases in the future. The farm also houses several kinds if indigenous cow species of which Vechur cows were the most special one. The particular variety of cow produces milk that is high in medicinal value. What surprised all of us was the fact that the farm owner plays music which he believes improves the milk production. Among other animals present in the farm are hens, parrots, rabbits, goats etc.. The farm also has large ponds which are interconnected through narrow water channels. Fishes are grown and the farm owner claims that there are about forty thousand fishes in the farm.

The team also visited a poultry farm which accommodates about six thousand hens. Advanced technologies are used to ensure faster and healthier growth of the birds. The team then moved on to a dairy farm that houses about twenty cows. The jersey cow in the farm produces 14 to 17 liters of milk a day. They use machines to milk the cow and the waste management system is efficient. The dairy farm has terrace cultivation along where they grow vegetables. The team ended up the visit at Vellayani Lake. The campus leaders and other volunteers got several inputs on community based action and research.